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Dear stakeholders,

the European ASUMIE – project, funded by Erasmus + KA2 – wants to share knowledge and create a network around the concept of additional support in inclusive education for disabled children and adolescents.

European Countries started the process towards inclusive education in a difference pace, depending on legislation and educational history.  Much work has also been done thanks to the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and the commitment of many teachers and professionals to implement the rights contained. The risks of marginalization and discrimination for people with disabilities and fragilities are however always presented in groups, organizations and society. It is important to continue to promote sensitivity and culture in favor of people with disabilities, their families and the professionals who care for them.

The survey, that we ask you to fill in, is part of the ASUMIE- project research and is distributed in 7 Countries: Belgium, Bulgaria, Czeck Republic, Italy, Norway, Slovenia and Portugal.

It has been built in order to learn more about: the type of aid and support for students with Special Educational Needs (SEN), the educational methodologies and strategies used to promote their quality of life and of their families, inside and outside school. We are appealing to you because we consider you a stakeholder and a witness of the initiatives and projects of recovery and support carried out in your Country.

People with disabilities need treatments, care, education and prevention.

Therefore, if you would like, we could communicate to you the research results via the ASUMIE contact person in your Country.

We remind you that the survey is anonymous and respect the G.D.P.R. 679/2016.

Please fill in the questionnaire in all its parts. You can choose more than one option.
At the end there will be a question in which you can freely express your opinion.

At the beginning of the questionnaire we kindly ask you to provide your email address. It is optional for you to provide your email address, with the sole purpose of help us to manage accuracy of information and to reach you only in case we could encounter any issue in getting the info from you.

Thanks for your attention.

The ASUMIE International Teams

CAUTION: to answer multiple-choice questions, you will need to hold down the CTRL key while selecting the answers with the mouse.

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*Definition for Educator*




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