Pedverket Kompetanse – Norway

Pedverket Resource Center is an organization established to support teachers and school psychologists in realizing Inclusive Education. Both from a theoretical perspective and based on evidence from experiences, we strongly believe that understanding of brain functions and application of sustainable methods in education contributes to children and adolescents’ learning and emotional status. In such ways we can provide prerequisites for an independent life and participation, which is the ultimate goal for inclusion in general. Our target groups are professionals in school psychology services, schools and preschools, and related organizations. In addition, we assist parents when there are needs for additional support for their children.
Through courses, seminars, webinars, personal/group guidance, website, and social media, we present theoretical perspectives and methods for assessment and teaching. We work to strengthen the role of each professional category in fulfilling the common mandates set by the Norwegian Act of Education, in which there is an overall impact on a school for all.
Each unique person is our focus, with his or her resources, needs, emotions, and values,
and with equal rights in all respects.
Pedverket Kompetanse was established in 1994, and we have participated in projects under the EU Comenius program:
INSIDE – How to promote the cognitive development of children with developmental learning difficulties inside the educational system. (Comenius C31 2000)
INCLUES – Clues to Inclusive and Cognitive Education (Comenius C3 2003)
DAFFODIL – Dynamic Assessment of Functioning and coaching of children oriented at development & Inclusive learning (Comenius CMP 2008)

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