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here you will find all the registrations of the webinars so that everyone who have missed the event will find all the contents

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Webinar #1
Together we are stronger! Cooperate to achieve wellness
webinar #1 Torriani
Webinar #2
Dynamic assessment as a support tool in inclusive education
Webinar #2 Lenka
Webinar #3
Children and Adolescents with Disabilities: Managing Beyond the School
Webinar 3 Cairo
Webinar #4
Is there a recipe for successful teaching of children with SLCN?
Webinar #5
Support as a contextual process. A framework for Additional Support
Webinar #6
GRUNNLAGET- methodology based on CTM – Concept Teaching Model – thinking tools in an inclusive school.
Webinar #7
The PASS theory of Cognitive processing –the “the big picture” – important for “self” in learners and supporters.
Webinar #8
The experience of inclusive school in Portugal and the perspectives from teachers and other staff

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